Lyrics ยป I Wanna See It Burn

I wanna see it burn
The wasted mind the plastic world
With all the substance sucked out
Whats the point
Shoveling coal into a furnace
In a vessel with a tear in the hole
When every forming eyes infected with
Some pornographic nightmare
Growing pissing on the ashes
The ones who set the stage

It seems this realizations esoteric
When arts only about a profit
Whats cheap to make and satisfies the rotting mind
When partying and getting laid
Becomes the first priority
The novegoched the cavalcade of tragedy
Were just waiting for the bomb

Mainstream, music, television
Its just a distraction (x6)
To keep you from noticing
The innocent buried in your front yard
The fragments of bones
Beneath the white picket fences
Que the moral guidelines
To fit the current profitable trends
With all the feeling gone
You can barely call it art
The wild ones would never walk into the bullet
But to fit the mold
We would cut our hearts out
Lead the cash cow to the slaughter
We ache for something real

The emptiness tempts me, I feel paranoid,
with millions of noises, I still hear its voice
try to numb it, avoid it, to kill it or poison it,
till it's destroyed but it still doesn't fill up the void
it always feels like something's missing
But i don't know what it is and I'm stuck in this tunnel vision,
While there's millions of children still sick and hunger-stricken
I'm just sitting back and waiting for these fuckin' drugs to kick in
as the plot just thickens, the clock is ticking away
and the cost of living is raised, but not the minimum wage
and I'm so sick of this basement I've been sitting for days in
With a loaded revolver and this abyss that i gaze in
And the chasm gazing back is awful hard to distinguish
from the darkness once the spark inside my heart is extinguished
so I'll relinquish my convictions in the face of resistance, I mean,
dead or alive, it really doesn't make any difference, it seems

CH (x2)
Were just waiting for the bomb (x3)
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