Lyrics ยป Save a Life

Save a life kill a cop
badges shine while bodies drop
red and blue light floods the streets
highlights another tragedy
you reached for your ID too quick
now you're just another statistic
another innocent in a pool of blood
I guarantee that pig'll walk

Better mind your p's and q's
or johnny law will come for you
their power trippin terrorists
they feed off your obedience
so prick your ears up know your rights
chew your leash off join the fight

They don't serve and protect you
they'll kill and neglect you
to them their the boot you're the bug
They don't serve and protect you
they'll kill and neglect you
so go save a life kill a cop

Oh all these cops
Theyre all the same
With racist laws and lead starved brains
These nightmare nation
Stole black lives still murder em
And our classless dreams
These police should mind what we say
We live for justice
So they must die today


How many more new stories
do you need to fucking see
until you realize that the enemy
is the murderous police
sure you can turn a blind eye
til it happens to somebody that you love

this problem it's a real one
it affects both you and me
the police are getting out of hand
it don't take much to see
the system that's flawed
bound to end in catastrophe

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