Lyrics » Fry Bacon Fry

When I die 

You better bury me an extra six feet underground
Cause I already got these two feet on the grave

And their still walking

And I’ll keep strummin’ this guitar

And yelling at the top of my lungs

On the street corner

And when the sun goes down

I’ll show no signs of stopping

We may be falling apart but

At least we’re free

We may be dirty and penniless

But at least we can breath


Oh no po po 5o get low

Line up on the wall

Copper jealous cause we stack dough

Oh no po po 5o get low

Fry bacon fry

Coppers die when we spit flows

I can’t think of any place I’d rather be

Than this abandoned church

On the mattress on the ground

Got no obligations

Got no where to be
I’ve got no worries

I’m just aimlessly wondering around
Finally I’m happy

Finally I’m free

Finally I know exactly 

Where I need to be

So enjoy your work

Enjoy your school, your couch and your TV

I’m just not that into slavery

That life’s just not for me


You know I’m tired of sleepin’ on wheels

But at least I’m still moving

Fight the battle that I know I can’t win

But I’m all in for losing

And you know somedays I really hate my life

But at least I’m still living

Even when I’m not

When I’m just surviving

And death seems like the only option

Still I’ll never give in

Cause eventually we all die anyways

Why not live to see another day

Another day of body bugs

Another day of shame

Another day of cigarettes

To dull the hunger pains

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