Lyrics » H-Town

Just a few kids

Comin’ straight from Htown

Representin’ super stylin’

While we’re makin’ our rounds 

Collectin’ cash straight bills

Like Benjamins honey 

We’ll pull a glock on your ass

If you don’t got our money

We run these street like a marathon

We’re king shit

Sizzleippin’ on that sizzurp

Always down to get lit

Keep it thuggin’ super fly

Double time on the high

I keep it gangster when I’m rollin’

Got hydraulics on my ride

Rollin’ down the street snackin’ on cheerios 

Sippin’ that apple juice

Laid back
I got my mind on my music 

And my music on my mind

Don’t bitch if you get your ass kicked

For talkin’ mad shit

Cause hey,

You’re the one who said it

Bust a cap in your punk ass

And we won’t regret it

When we flowin’ the mic

We drop more bombs than the army

We wreck shop so hard

That it could be alarming 

To some

But those bitches need to man up quick

And grow a set of balls

Before we whoop that trick

We pimp hoes

And own expensive clothes

We got our Gucci

Got Versace and our rolex to go

With our gats 

AK47s hangin’ out the window

Of a cadillac

Rat A Tat
tat tat tat tat

I hate it when you call me big poppa 

Cause I’m self conscious about my weight 

Throw your hands in the air

If you want another sirloin steak
When we’re rollin’ in our Volkswagen beetle

Down the highway

We’re steady at the speed limit

Cruisin’ in the right lane

Don’t fuck with us

That’s what we’re here to say 

We failed recess 

Cause we don’t play
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