Lyrics » Like Findin' a Needle in a Ballpit

Petulance is building

And there’s not enough room left inside my head

Serenity a revery

A bootless errand for the living dead

Why does it seem like

I’m the only one still welting in the frost

-Abandon the flock to wallow-

The atrophy accelerates

With every disappointment waxin’ wroth
-to follow back-
A fenced heart makes a once strong love weak

And now faced with the sheer tedium

Of another rising sun

Breathing becomes a task so arduous

You could swear your lungs are hideous guns

Complacent mired
In your isolation

-Walls of panic guard the damage-

I’m sordid and calloused putrescent 

I’ve abandoned the cause

-Re enforce the chains and bars-

The scent of blissful existence has been long forgot

-Bound to the brick casted out to the sharks-

A fenced heart makes a once strong love weak

Sober and awake in a pallid existence

Or drunken dejected

Bitter and cold

Remorse and Regret
I forgive but can’t forget

I’m petty and I’m jealous

I was born to be alone

Alone with my thoughts

And writing in tremors

I promise myself that next time I’ll remember
The consequence of embracing

Some simple minded urge

But the same self destructive patterns re-emerge
So I repent

There’s nothing left to catch me now

I’m destined to fall into that cycle

Of imprisonment 
I’ll tally the wall

Now I’m simply counting down 

The rising moons

-From the gates to the gutters

Frozen in solitude

Solidify and occupy

The solipsistic heart of mine

From the gates to the gutters

Bitter isolation

Free and alone-

Cause freedom is lonesome

There’s ice in the furnace

And blood in the snow

A fenced heart makes a once strong love weak
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