Lyrics » Taken Away

Away away

From everything we knew

Taken away

From everything with you

Drops of gold and green

Shimmer across the sky

Through holes in the dark

As we lay as one 

And wonder

Why we rest where we are

What wonderful thing have we done
o deserve what we have

Etched in the walls indecision

The choices 

That we need the most of all

This room rests
In a blanket of ashes

And looms in the smell of a story

A story yet to be told

One of passion

Love, loss and glory

A wonderful tale of a life

Not yet lived
with characters enthralling and proper

A fantasy that flutters past the voices

A preacher that lurks in the halls

Tingling, pure ecstasy

Doesn’t matter at all when you’re settling
No psychosis
Just rotting corroding

Breaking off falling apart at the seems.
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