Lyrics ยป These Two Chords

The judge presides over the courts
And decides what kind of drugs to snort
And the cheating wife
Regrets the nights
Of pointless sex that wrecked her life
And the crooked cop that rapes and kills
And makes those crooked cop drug deals
And the walking dead that most forgot
Just roam the streets to starve and rot
And the streets themselves so long ago
Were full of wonder and filled with hope
Now just smolder ash and soot
Beneath another combat boot
And fancy corporate business men
Buy forests just to clear the land
To put up shopping malls and bars
To meet consumers stiff demands
In third world countries children starve
Beg for food and slowly die
America with spoiled kids
Don't get their toys they shout and cry
Are you truly proud of whats become
A world so cold a world so numb
Well I do think we need a change
If we wanna save our dying race
And this song just might be the start
To ignite a flame you need one spark
And I hope that flame can burn away
The suffering the hate and pain
These two chords may save the world
Save the country rich and poor
And if they do then I can die content
But until they do well I'll sustain
I'll play these chords through snow and rain
I'll strummin on
No I won't give in
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