Lyrics ยป Night Gaunts Cover (Lo Fi One Mic)

Im running out of steam and I aint got the wages
To pay the bills for my alcohol behaviors
Tone it down? Na its not an option
Escape reality
On that toxic potion"
Wind the clocks back
Pick up the slack
Dont quit skating
Disarm the attack
Like a bomb with with timer
Always ticking down
Destruction's always lurking
Over ones self
Can you hear me now
Since Im shouting loud?
Hmm no I cant its a photograph
Light caught in time, transferred to paper
A thousand words spoken without hesitation
It always makes me wonder what else was going down
at that exact moment before we hung out
before we shared breaths and loved each other
I wonder what was it that glued us together
Lo fi, one mic holds me steady
Ohhh Shiiiit here it comes again
blue ink leaks from the ball of my pen
scrawls of script written on down trees
to you it means nothing...?
But to me its the key
Hidden messages address to myself
If you take something out of them
Youve made me proud
People can read too deep into songs
The walrus means nothing theyre having you on
I am the egg man come chill out with me
Its all for fun and thats what itll be
To read between the lines is definitely a skill
Be over analytical itll lead to a kill
Imagerys enough to keep it in check
Ninja fighting star fish with laser beam hands
Lo fi, one mic holds me steady
Bang slang hits to the floor
I dont wanna see your face no more
What we did to you was wrong and un just
The cusp was gonna bust once the rust turned to dust
Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Bang
Bang now ya dead with a bullet through ya head
You did it once again
The cycle never ends
The world means nothing
Youve lived so many times
Disposed as rubbish
In universal rhyme
Star dust sweeps though the swirl of our galaxy
The milky way sits on a spiral finality
On and on not forever though
In an instant lost everything weve known
But, I still get lost when I drive through town
The pressures immense when the honking sounds
Danger danger no indicating
Get taken over when Im lane changing
Oblivious, theyre serious, delirious, imperious
Careless and fearless to witness is hilarious
Fuck you
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