Lyrics » Suicide Song

Once was a man that lived his life like a drone

He had a safe job to afford a nice home

One day he decided to make the fat lady sing

And when that found dead

This is what he told me


All I ever wanted was some recognition

Well look where that got me

Now I’m laying face down
In my own bathroom

And my wrists are bloody (oh so bloody)

And was I taken

Taken for granted or was I undeserving

What more could I have done

Just to be commended 

I woulda done about anything


But now it’s too late

Cause now I’m gone

I Still feel that I did everything all wrong

But maybe finally I’ve done something right

Cause I succeeded at suicide

I woke on a Wednesday morning 

When a thought came through my head

Maybe life would a lot better

If I were dead

So I went into the bathroom

And I grabbed my razor blade

Pressed it up against my wrists

And I slashed away

Now I was only human so of course

I was kinda scared

But I began to think about my life

And decided I didn’t care

So I carved into myself

Like a turkey on Thanksgiving

Said I’ll join up with the dead

Cause I’m sick of all this living


Now I don’t feel regret for what I’ve done

No one will miss me

Didn’t have a wife, no daughter and no son (x4)

I was all alone

Nobody wants to live like that

I took the easy way out sure

But it was the only choice I had

I was all alone

I didn’t want to live like that

I took the easy way out

Slit my wrists

Bleed out

And that was that
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