Lyrics ยป My Darling Dopamine

When everything seems all sped up
And you can't clear your mind
Your palms are all sweaty
Though try as you might
You just can't catch your breath
And you're certain you're going to die

When reality folds in on itself
You're the exemplary blueprint of poor mental health
There's only so much that one mind can take
Sometimes life's overwhelming we need an escape

Oh, my darling dopamine
Does the reward outweigh the risk?
Well I'm on the fence
Is a numbing normalcy on tap
Worth a week trembling and sick
And every time I tell myself's the last
Cause goddamn the price is high
To rot in comfort this grueling routine
I've succumb to has grown so fucking old
I just want out

Another day and one less dollar
One more year we soaked in beer
And were content to live in squalor
Just so long as we can cheers
To one more lesson we've forgotten
Once again we've gotten rotten drunk
This time we really fucked it up
So far beyond repair
It's a tough thing to realize you're only a blip
We rely on the comforts
We smoke and we sip
In the grand scheme it seems that
The point of existing is trying our best to forget
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