Lyrics ยป None Exempt

Where do we draw the line
Hasn't this gone far enough
Can we just not believe our reality
Maybe we're dreaming and soon we'll wake up
Unfortunately though surreal it does seem
This is waking life
And the world we exist within
Rigged to forgive the men
Holding the knives to our throats
So they'll go free with a slap on the wrist once again

The people in power are just they're still people
Greedy vengeful and flawed
They'll destroy countless lives
In the name of the dollar
And apologize only to God
They lust for the flesh of your children
So long as its white
Mame and abuse us and sleep swell at night
Cause their bank accounts lush
Or their friends higher up will just call in a favor

No longer should dollar nor title
Make any exempt from the cage
They're no different from us for the crimes they commit
They must pay
They've thrown us in cells for far less than their sins
The time now has come for the kings to repent
And a reminder to any who run
From one with vendetta there is no escape

For every pig that's murdered
An innocent unarmed civilian
And granted paid leave
For every lowlife that's used a position of power
To prey on their peers and walk free
For every rich kid that steals mommy's truck
While they're wasted and runs someone down on the street
There's no consequence for the dollar
And cent hold more value than justice and peace

We cant let
Fame and wealth
Dissolve accountability
The so called elite
Have gotten away with far too much

We've got rapists and thieves
In control of our country
When you know all the things
That they've done and they've said
How the fuck are you not chanting
Off with their heads

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