Lyrics ยป Fast Track

So lets fast track
Through the romance
Another tragedy
Makes me weak to my knees
I feel your heart
Heart beating
Blood flowed through your veins
Turned to tears on my pillowcase

And I felt like a child
Stumbling through my words
Trying my best
My best to impress you
You said you like the way
My smiles different every day
The music inside your head
Played softer when I was there

But this life is cruel
To pick and choose
To let it die away
With just heartache to replace
To way no reason how
The lights have dimmed to darkness now
So I go back to that place
Where I memorized each line on your face

You left me with the promises
That now I have to keep
Left me red handed at the bridge
You went and burnt without me
Still gasping for the breath you stole
Rewriting a story never told
The music inside my head
Plays louder without you here

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