Lyrics ยป Exhausted Insomniac (RCI Cover)

First breath you taste when you wake up tomorrow
Will taste worse than it ever has before
I was hoping you were staying around
And I came to as soon as you
Closed the door behind you

I dont care anymore
Crazy how things change Im not who I was before
But I kept the name
Of an exhausted insomniac
Who finally worried herself to sleep
Im too tired to react
To all of the promises you didnt keep

Take a look at the sky when you wake up tomorrow
And tell me if you see anything
Looked up once or twice this week and it was empty
I put lightbulb outside the window
To make it look like the sun was shining

But it dont shine here anymore
Hasnt in these parts for a while
Nobody goes out doors
Not even to play with their inner child
Everyone is already scared
Im gonna make them jump, cry, wail, and scream
Nobody came prepared
They were distracted by what they believe
What they believe means nothing to me
Anyone can write books for a living
To me its all a scheme
To get everyone to see one vision
I may be a jackass if I say so myself
I will make it rain on your parade
Sitting in the corner rocking back and forth
Telling myself not to be afraid
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