Lyrics ยป Self-Loathing

All my heroes are human
And my gods are all dead
And hopes hard to find
So Ill hide out in bed
I harbor a hatred
For anyone left with
A fragment of a smile

I sewed on the bottle
And that didnt help
It only brought clarity
Back to this hell
It made me confront me
That maybe I might need
A break from myself for a while

And now I know myself a bit too well
And Im not sure I like what Ive become
Self loathing is overwhelming
Every mirror is a loaded gun

The past is the past
And whats done is done
Theres no takin back
All the times Ive fucked up
I misplaced my hatred
And traded in love
For a feeling so fleeting
And countless apologizes

Cause Im not one for much
To learn from my mistakes
I tend to hide behind the habits I cant shake
If you really knew me
Im not sure youd like me
So Ill remain concealed in regret

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