Lyrics ยป Perfectly Dysfunctional

We've been the train sided out and broken up
The body left to decompose beneath the brush
We've seen each others blood tasted the salt of one another's sweat
We've been each others jail we've been each others escape
We've been each others hell we've been each others heaven
When did this run off the rails?
Where did we go wrong?

I can't just lie to you and claim not to crave dysfunction
I can't just lie to you and tell you IM alright
I can't lie to myself and pretend that I just can't remember
Because IM reminded every time I see the scars that dress my skin

Together we would lilt through a life shared
Though summery an incipient nightmare
More than some dalliance to leave two woebegone and torn
We rolled the dice and lost so now
We'll survive off the orts
Though of tragedy a beauteous mistake is often born

Like a days first breath like the smell of petrichor so fresh
It once left us wanting more
But now there's only the
Ashes of love notes to dirty the hearth
But not I'm not so sure

hate built from fucking each others lives up
Inured to a sinking ship still polishing the brass
For everything I may become ill forever credit you
Because no matter what whether good or bad it was together that we made it through
(it is together that well make it through.)
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