Lyrics ยป Goodbye Lulu

c f c f c f g c f c f c f g c

Goodbye LuLu won't be seein' you again
stole your pack and boots and bibs and left you on the tracks
Goodbye lulu won't be seein' you again
you left home on a freight train you ain't never goin' back

Started hangin' out at punk shows and you got it in your head
to leave home on a freight train cause that's what the cool kids did
now you got some shitty stick and pokes and hepatitis c
smell like an unwiped asshole and your socks stick to your feet


It's a fifth of rum for breakfast and your shootin' up at lunch
all coked up in a walmart screamin' I don't give a fuck
your dog is fuckin' starvin' but you spend a bill on booze
your parents bought you nikes you prefer some tattered boots


Flew a sign and made some money now it's time to buy some food
fuck that let's buy some heroine I guess that's just as good
fuck a restaurant there's a dumpster let's see what treats lie inside
it's like Christmas everyday except the gifts are filled with flies

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