Lyrics » To Risk To Live

She said I’ve got two kids and a grave plot
Right next to my day job
And my husbands grave is parallel to mine
And when we die we’ll go to heaven
Cause we spent our whole lives beggin’
For mercy from some old man in the sky
I said well doesn’t that seem silly
When theres so much left to see and do
Don’t get me wrong
Just be yourself
But darlin’ bet if I were you
I go on cut my loses, burn the bills
Say fuck the bosses
And live a life adventurous and new

Well I met a college student
At the library last week
Eating adderall and crammin’ for a test
He said I’m sorry but I can’t talk right now
If I don’t get a 4.0 I’ll never get a good job like my dad
I said don’t work for your entire life
Just to save up for a coffin
Don’t put too much stake in your grades and rank
Just realize and remember
There’s other places to travel to
Then your job, the supermarket and the bank

Don’t waste your best years
Just livin’ for somebody else
Don’t waste your best years
Just hidden behind a desk
Don’t waste your best years
They’re the only ones you’ll ever get
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