Lyrics ยป 1984

Soon we'll be scouring ravaged landscapes
scavenging scrapes of the city to salvage the past
The social divide between us and them
Has far surpassed the weight of our wallets

Electric minds
nothing mean anything
when we cheapen our genuine feelings
With a computer screen
Electric fingertips
to sell your soul to corporate demons
Marketing your life to fit the figures and the polls
Charting your consumption
To construct the perfect mold

I fuckin' give up playing catch up
I can't keep up you can keep it
If you cannot see the change
it's because it isn't there
The means to build technology
to perpetuate these trends
Costs us so much more than dollar and cents
in the end


Pull the wires from your teeth
Your fingers from the keys
Your spine from the cable
Your eyes from the screen (x4)

your entire life fits in the palms of their hands
Can't you see it's only getting worse
Humans have evolved into corporations
Can't you see this is 1984

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