Lyrics ยป Blue Jays

Verse 1&2- C Dm F G
Chorus- Dm G C
Breakdown- Dm F C
Verse 3- Dm F C Dm F G F C

Tonight I drink to you
for all the times we spent
and all the times we didn't get
and I'll meet you again
blanketed in soil
fossilized in photographs
can't say it doesn't hurt
the beating second hand that tortures me
cause your not here
cause your not here

I'm too tired to eat
too tired to breathe
too tired to deal with all of these tragedies
but I'm too scared
I'm too scared
to sleep

So smear the dark circles that cradled my eyes
I fool myself to keep livin' this mundane life
with the flushed pigment and these fractured smiles
I'm just buyin' my time
without you by my side
without you by my side


They say keep on movin'
oh keep on movin' kid
but it's so hard movin'
it's so hard movin' it aches
just keep on movin' oh keep on movin'

As the dead robins strung across the morning dew
the blue jays oh sing a sorrowful tune
I'll never stop missing you
I'll never stop loving you
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