Lyrics ยป Call in the Coroner

Fire on the innocent and the guilty
On the saints and sinners alike
Though apophis knows no mercy
He's an angel compared to the man
Who has nothing to lose
The sad hunter the forsaken swain
societies most malignant creation
if idle hands are the devils play things
these hands will crack the earth to tear the devil apart

a scroll we've only taped to tear
Live or die who fucking cares
a void behind consumers vail
Begging with intent to sell
Leave me cold on jagged stone
A game of cat and mouse so cruel
breathe in the dirt dead skin and bone
which clouds the air inside your tomb.

I've just been
goin through the motions
with an empty smile bolted on my face
Ever since the day we started
I've been stratchin' forks at empty plates
Now I finally realize it's fucking pointless
To fight a battle for somebody
Who just does not care
and never has
And never will
I'm better off all on my own
So you can rest your head beneath head stone
For all I care
For all I care

I've lost that lust for life
I once possessed when there were fewer years
And mass upon my shoulders
I've lost that need to thrive
That compulsion to feel to create to discover
Somebody please call in the coroner
Just because I'm moving
Doesn't mean I'm not a corpse
Soon I'll be building our casket
From the scrapes of these bridges destroyed
By the storms I've been brewin'


Foreign flesh to tear your insides
Sharpened steel to tear your throat
No longer will you be the one
To tie my hanging rope
It's over.
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