Lyrics ยป Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture

All solace
all beauty
all innocence has been stripped away
what once was warm and safe
has turned a cold and concrete grey
All solace
all beauty
all innocence has been stripped away
calloused with disdain

The absence of a hand to hold
leaves only clinched a fist to throw
with flavor bland and color drained
there's nothing left to calm the mind
inching toward catastrophe
yet overwhelmed with apathy
for anything'd be better than this paltry wretched void
once you've lost the will to live you're no longer afraid to die
bring the fucking reaper he can cower at my feet
nihilistic lost all interest in preserving any bridges
let the fuckers burn and isolate me in my hate


When did the face of a dying man
replace my reflection
even in emotion I'm stuck in a dismal stagnant hell
the only thing that offers me any bit of comfort
is a sip from the bottle from the medicine cabinet
I see no light at the end of the tunnel
to look forward to because
the fallen are damned to dwell in that infertile soil
unforgiving and cold
stuck at the bottom of a chasm
with the weight of a cross on my back
one that's not mine to hold

Beauty fades. Love dies. Death is eminent.(x4)
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