Lyrics ยป Flea Bitten Drifters

bug bitten, beautiful
and down on our luck
the days they all grow shorter
as the bottles pile up
wrapped in scars and rags
and bad tattoos
not a tether left to cut
laughing and singing
all the way back down to hell

Singin' we can't help you
help yourself
but we can promise
life's much better
once you've tumbled off the shelf
so burn that suit and tie
tear down the walls in which you're caged
have they ever truly made you happy anyway?

Never bite your tongue
just let that whiskey bite your throat
cause the words you scream
are so much more than you know
success is not about the money
and it's not your social class
it's about finding your happiness

so get up off your ass
and go outside
I promise that you'll never see more clear
don't be afraid to live
go find out who you truly are
cause no one need to know you more
than you you,my dear

You know I've made my bad decisions
and I can live with that
cause even on the worst days
life's never all that bad
to feel the starlight on a fright train
see the sunrise on the road
so goddamn beautiful
and it never will get old

Unlike these darkrooms
with cracked walls and carpets
so stagnant, alone, grey and cold
and every time I come back
one less tree one more road
I don't think this is home anymore

So tear down and clear out and build up
why can't these people just be satisfied?
cause they need another strip mall
and they need another lane
on that road that over beauty has been paved

And I can't help but think about
do they understand what they've destroyed?
another farm road replaced
with a toll way today
this don't feel like my home anymore

So as of late the only words
that I sing are of
gettin' back to you
and outta here
cause I've been down on my health
and down on my luck
and you make me feel better dear.
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