Lyrics ยป Open the Floodgates

Scrapin' up dirty pennies off the street
but just as long tails touch ground
a superstitious suit of armor
for the coward
when every bit of tragic knowledge gained
must tax the mind
we mustn't take to these evils
be not deaf
and be not blind

We cover our eyes
with the comforting sins
of our owners
save me from myself

In a world made out
to be so cruel
the noose becomes a useless tool
when all they need's a story
to leave you strung up by your throat
the media shall pick and choose
the stories on the nightly news
to insight the fear they need
to keep us under their control


Drinking broken glass
out on the front steps of your sanctuary
does it scare you that a soul
could be so out of line?
cut me out, just cut me out
just cut me out of everything
a pair of scissors sleeping
in your neck will do just fine


Paranoid but not sleeping
or else content with eyes sewn shut
wake up, you're not the saint
you've drawn yourself to be
open your eyes or
open the flood gates
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