Lyrics ยป New Town to Cape Town

Walk down the street stare at my feet
see myself in the cracks in the concrete
puddles of water gather up
in a place where tumbleweeds
have turned to plastic bags
if i could go I would take nothing
no one with me
and I'd never ever ever look back

Drag your feet across stolen ground
turn away while the rest of them drown
no one cares for anyone anymore
they say keep your demons to yourself (x3)
(sedated locked into a tv screen
to keep distracted from the slaughter
of your innocent neighbors
just because you live
in a different continent
it doesn't make their suffering
any less real)

They say its all about the books
it's all about the streets
well I only give a damn
about the calluses on my two feet (x2)
But they are dodging bullets
while we are dancing in our dreams
and no one hears their silent whispers
no one hears their bloody screams

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