Lyrics ยป Shit Luck

I cried and I sang
for the loss of my only father
I categorized my emotions into lines
on a black piece of paper
I prayed to a god
who's never answered
to dry the tears of my mother

Misplacin' the failed
acceptance of myself into others
I'm feelin' the guilt
of being selfish too selfish
too tired for that compromise
so I'll drown my confusion
in a bottle of poison
for my thoughts to just stop
and I'll pick it up in the morning

I'll spend my time waitin'
for that train to arrive
I'm tunin' that note
just to pass the time
this shit luck won't last too long
but it's up to me
to kick it up a notch

I'm scatchin' deep
in this monotone beat
this paper thin pallette
laid so meticulously
to see a stretch of red
down my grey tainted neck
and I keep searchin' for that answer
of why I keep breathing
when those consequences
make my core rot so seamlessly
with that unfailing tide
of drownin'' days
blacked out nights
suffocating lungs
and ill fated strides


So baby wipe those virgin tears
from your cheek
your innocence spent
on a liar and a fake
but deep inside
that broken tattered corpse you know
this is not who you were meant to be

so spend your time waitin'
for that train to arrive
and tune that note
till it sounds just right
this shit luck won't last too long
but it's up to you
to make it stop.
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