Lyrics » Little Blue Pills Pt​.​3

It's time to lay your head my dear
It's time to go to sleep
Your minds been racin' round these problems
that are dried concrete
I'll put your favorite record on
I'll put it on repeat
Youll dream of transluent worries
and know everything will be okay

Think back think back to the days
we were so young so warm so safe
swaddled up in some dirty blanket
bleedin' on the beach
Now the blood stains
are all that remain to remind us
there once was a force that did bind us
and if it wasn't for the lingering odor
of the corpse we'd drft apart

So set it all to flame
and let the ashes burn
beneath my callosed feet
this flesh and bone
have become my only company
a constant hold on the trigger
to sustain some sanity

Run run run run faster baby
faster now be sure to leave me
waging battles in my head
of demons, misery, regret
Herded by a broken compass
stumbling round with selfish purpose
this love affair with grim
has only lead me further from death

I fucking hate those days
when I can feel so clearly
that the teathers fraying
and my only comfort is threatening
to tear me limb from limb
But when the cackle of regret so shrill
keeps growing louder still
I'm trading in the little blue pills
for a needle and an empty bed


I've been cut and strung like a puppet
Tell me was it all worth it
When you cease to question your captor
Stolkhom has stolen your sanity
Can't say goodbye
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