Lyrics ยป Fall Out

Tragedies killing disasters like clockwork
Maybe I'm just jade
but I don't see the beauty anymore
And so I mourn for every child born
Into this ugly and unforgiving world

We're dropping' bodies droppin' bombs
No remorse no restraint at all
What's left for the ones who come after us
Bloody rubble and a dream coated in dust

How much further do we plan to take it
Slash and burn till the planet lies vacant
And I've always heard that when it rains it pours
If we let the cops pull us over
Next they'll bust down our doors

The prisons are loaded the quotas are met
We're starving in gutters and drowning in debt
The system has faltered there's no help to call for
Let's open the toolbox and build something better

god I hope we haven't buried ourselves too deep
Beneath a mountain of abhorrent ideas and greed
And I really wish I had some hope for the future
but I'm sorry gotta say I don't (x2)

2053 missiles deployed
Soon we'll be shifting through
the ashs of a planet destroyed
The human race is just a parasitic toxic disease
We're paving over forests and we're poisoning the seas

A wasteland what once was pure
Decrepit now we've torn the sails
A travesty a wasted chance
The bridge to growth was built to fail
A hourglass is running low
Rusted gears begin to slow
When this modern daydream does collapse
We'll all be begging for the past

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