Lyrics ยป Crustfall

I can no longer discern
Whether the sun is rising
Or if its setting inching closer to my own demising
Becomes so apparent what's important to me
You can say it sounds cliche
But friends all come and go away
My familys been here to stay
They stuck with me through darker days
When I was brownin out
And fallin out and fuckin up
They stuck around to help me out
And never once gave up on me

I dont know maybe they shouldve
Shit ya know I sure as hell wouldve
Ill never possess the poise
It takes to deal with me
Cause Im a thief, a drunk, a cheat, a liar
Beneath my deathbed awaits that fire
Cause Ive wasted time
Tryin to find whats so simple to see

That worlds a scary fucked up place
To on your own have to navigate
So to the people who compose my compass
A few words to you

Well I know times runnin out
So before ya lay my body down
Before ya dress me up
And drop me six feet down
I wanna make sure that you know
I love you and thanks for puttin up
With all my shit

Were all just thrown into this world
Expected to exist
To carve a niche and carry on
Without slitting your wrists
But when the stress is just too much
To grasp without any support
Your mind will splinter
Verging on collapse
You're walking in a corpse
When the chips are down
Its nice to have somebody in your corner
Just to have your back
And tell you everything will be alright
It fucking kills me that Ive ever
Taken my loved ones for granted
Its true what they say
You dont know what youve got until its gone

The one thing I fear the most
Is losing anyone I care about
To only ever get to see
them smile in old photographs
The scribbles on our epitaphs
May not be set in stone
I know sometimes its hard for me to show it
I love you more than you will ever know it


Well I know times runnin out
So before ya lay my body down
Before ya dress me up
Commit me to the ground
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