Lyrics ยป Gnargle

We wear our rags we wear our ties
and once were dead were all the same
we drive our cars we ride our bikes
and once were dead were all the same
we build our towers we build our forts
and once were dead were all the same
nobodys different we all rot the same

Help me father i'm a sinner I just cannot cope
put that bullet in my skull and dress my neck with rope
bring these towers crashing I can't take this anymore
drown me in the flood waters I'll cower at your door

With every sip and every sup
i'm breaking down i'm giving up
like knives under my nails
along with pliers tearing teeth from rotting gums
i'm backed into the corner so familiar so secure
we hate the differences to bite the fucking hook

Lye me down in satin croon that lullabye
that eases the tremors and lust to ache
the cost will kill the stumbled sobbing swaine

When the frame work collapses
theres no reason left to fight
its hard enough to surrvive
without senseless violence
are chances are greater of living
so open your eyes
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