Lyrics ยป Over The Yardarm

Just board this sinking ship
roll in the anchor
were leaving port not one of us
will make it back alive my friend
commit my body to the ocean
keep my heart inside a locket
strung around your neck
and together we will sink into the depths

like clockwork time will ebb and flow
to wash away the footprints left my demons long ago
we're hold up in asylum harbor
until the storm blows over
we've lost the rope
and loaded to the gunwale
roll in the anchor

The ghost of years past have now return
to claim our souls and fill an urn
the hourglass is draining by the second
spirits are surrounding you
their gazes piercing right through your flesh
can you taste the reaper on your breath?


Snap the bride's ring finger
the flowers of spring have
withered in the winter
we saw the plague approaching
from miles away
now we share a brew of misery
from the chalice of love
as the feast rots on the table
(the sun is o'er the yardarm
let's raise a glass to waste)

Choose your tomb
and I'll choose mine
We'll run across these county lines
and when we reach the coast
we'll turn only to see the smoke
that billows up
from cities smoldering
we left only their ashes in our wake

say goodbye
we're sinking down
we've fallen off the boat
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