Lyrics ยป Now I

The bridge is gone again
the ropes are severed
the planks were rotten anyway
I've fallen in the chasm once before
times just floating by
the hourglass is shattered
and the sands gone with the wind

The walls are closing in
and growing taller
all the doors have disappeared
and i feel my lungs collapsing
i must stray away from beaten paths
if I'm to find my river

i now i now i
can see what i am looking for
now i...

Place the barrel of a gun against my head
and tell me that I'll fail
keep your jaw unhinged
to be the wind that fills my sail
and lock me up in ball and chain
i swear I'll just try harder to break free
these bones will never fill your jail

i now i now i...

I'll build the bridge back up from rubble
and dig your grave with your own shovel
I'll sink my flesh into the soil
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