Lyrics ยป Wake Up And Rage!


The air it seems rusted
with last year's discussions
we're stuck in the bottom
of an empty glass
what happened? where are we?

we where we were six months ago
the bathrooms flooded
fridge is rotten
and I'm past out
with the roaches on the floor

That night we spent in jail
and didn't know why we were there
noone would tell us
fuckin' pigs just kept us locked up in a cell
but all that I could worry about
was whether or not you were okay
you came that night to bail me out
and said they took your
sweet ass taser

Three tears you shed
when you fell off the bed
when our spray painted rug
made your face swell up red
I wandered off into a ditch
a car horn was the last I heard
you found me the next morning
and i lost my favorite shirt



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