Lyrics ยป Thousands of Fists

flood the oceans
cloud the skies
heat the rock
to melt the ice away
swing the wreaking ball
till there's nothing left to break
set fire to the ashes
of a thousand burnt down forests
let me ask you what's your alibi this time

Thousands of fists
raised into the air
to fight
to kill
to rip
to tear
your systems apart at the seems
dismantle machines
and the death of your greed
will follow

the air is thick with sweat
the rivers with blood
lead me through the cemetery
lead me through the cemetery
home is buried deep beneath the rubble
we're not afraid anymore


Fallen soldiers final breath
sleep in streets that reek of death
whoah whoah
stare into a loaded gun
now there's nowhere left to run
who's left to bleed
they're comin' for you
lurking in your shadows
whoah whoah

what it means to die for

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