Lyrics ยป The Abliss

Too many friends are asleep inside pine boxes
Suicide by abuse of a toxins
Cause its easier to run away
Then to deal with the bullshit of the day to day
And I really cant blame you
Most days its hard to find a scrap of hope
Shouldve been there to help you cope
But I was locked up in the brig
Of the same damn boat

Why should I sugarcoat it
Were all gonna die
If we escape the coarse easily coerced
I guarantee next time
I see you youll be strapped down to a bed
All cloaked in white
Rotting from the inside out beneath fluorescent lights
For the love of god do as I say not as I do
I may not care about myself
But I care about you
Kid Ive been there and Ive done that
It aint pretty it aint worth it
So trust me stay the fuck away
And youll be okay

These lives are only ours to live
These sins are just ours to forgive
This stigma might wear thin
A life in pain, a love in vain
The veins & skin all weathered from a pin

You never felt desire, might cast your soul on fire
You cant understand their fear, ____ you refuse see them clearer
Victims of this crooked game, (all) trapped inside a world insane,
You cast aside, mere shadows in a funhouse mirror


Lifes a minefield a treacherous road
Call me selfish but I dont want to travel it alone
So burn the crutches and mend the bones
Cause weve still got so many miles to go

Stay awake stay alive
we've been building our demons
through the comfort of lies
with injections and bottles
we poison the mind
but don't crumble beneath
stay awake stay alive

Stay awake stay alive
think of all of us here left behind
I know it's painful
the sickness contrived
but you're stronger than you know
so put up a fight
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