Lyrics ยป Canary In The Coalmine

Charred soils all that's left
We're walking in a trap
We've set ourselves
Our footprints soon to be our grave
We cannot let the Earth be bought and sold
planet's not property
our greed for profit
killed our only home

There's a canary in coal mine
we'll never change i fear
we breed like pests
and turn our backs
while the future screams at us
commodities the symbol of our culture
we raise our kids in shopping carts these days

A twisted fallen tree lay
in the desert once the sea
were on the brink of a Catastrophe
with key and galantine
the earth it ceases to move
the man of lawlessness will come for us
a web of lies made of glass
is shattered on the shores
the basis for life is crumbling
like the glaciers
we raise our kids in shopping carts these days

The future could be beautiful
if we could only make a difference
before it get too late
solution's as simple as design
our existence rests in our hands
and if we don't change soon
I fear that we'll eradicate ourselves

The future screams at us
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