Lyrics ยป Nothing Can Stop Us From Partying

few good friends
a few cold 40's
is all we need to start the party
add in a guitar and kick this shit
in overdrive
wake up and rage
you drunken' bastard
keep on drinkin' only faster
we got good friends and music
to make us feel alive
so we can dance all fucking night
and just pass out at morning
i don't need to wake up at dusk
and do it all again blaha blaha
we can make a good time
out of anything
so just excuse us if we start
to sing a song
that might go a little bit
like this and it goes

Nothin' can stop us from partyin'
you said you've heard it all before
nothin' can stop us from partyin'
maybe you'll believe us
when your puking and your passed out
on the floor

Let's get to drinkin'
bust out the MDs and the Mickey's and the Whisky
lets get plastered till
we pass out on the floor
and when the morning light
taps us on the shoulder to wake us up
we'll yell just five more minutes
and we'll get up and drink some more

Just because I'm 18
they won't let me buy my alcohol
so I'll go to the store
and try to find big home bum joe
I'll give him my ten dollars
for a six pack
and I know he'll keep the change
but hey thats alright
I'll just go and busk for more


Old home bum joe
he don't got much longer
he's got cirrhosis of the liver
maybe he partied just a little too hard
and after he buys the beer
we'll sit down on the curb
and cheers to drinkin'
now we're thinkin'
we don't got much else to lose

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