Lyrics ยป Empress Bridge

a concrete monstrosity to replace the place you loved. you told me all those stories now those photos that you took are all thats left besides the memories. they tore it down brought in machines to lay the concrete paint the lines you didnt even get to

CHORUS: say good bye to something beautiful goodbye to something pure it seems that overnight those bastards changed the wood to stone that bridge might just have been the final anchor holdin' this ship down at port now they'll set sail for something better but find their compass doesn't work///.

a desolate wasteland a desert of pavement were spiraling deeper yet most are complacent the green has vanished and the grey has taken over (the world is becoming so monochromatic) when the sun goes down the stars dont shine the night sky is polluted with light and at dawn the smog fades colors in the sunrise

/// CHORUS///

a field for a blacktop a tree for a pillar unchain mothernature with stripmalls youll kill her a blanket of concrete to cover the planet they need it to live but they take it for granted so tear down and clear out and build up some more replace all the forests with theme parks and stores what the fuck are you waiting for go on drop the bombs


plant shovels in my chest to dig out any hope thats left replace my skeleton with rebar my blood with gasoline my heart is just a cold steel engine now my veins are copper wire i feel nothing except gears turning to pave the green away.
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