Lyrics ยป Through the Storm

the sky is caving in
tear the soul from my body
I'm already dead I'm already dead
autonomy has faded way now we'll never be free
while i slip on the red
hangin' on by a thread
fallen in of the dark
keep me out of the dark
the world is falling apart
the world is falling apart
I'm being buried alive
under the weight of my mind?

Trapt inside of the storm
broken down tattered and torn
the mobius of misery
We'll strike fear in the hearts
of the innocent cause
their not that innocent anymore

Old habits die hard
so when they're dead and gone
I'll bury them ten feet under ground
inside a concrete casket
(do what you got to to get by)
kill the tyrants dead x2
demons by your bedside in the night
keep you awake till morning light
(demons die by your bedside)
kill the tyrants dead x2


So tired always breakin' down
we're tearin' at the seems
bound up in a slave ship and we're lost on angry seas
another wave comes crashin' down only to break the mast in two
now we'll wonder aimlessly
and fall into the blue
we'll run into the devil
in the middle of the storm
and we'll have no where to run
because our every sail is torn
we're tired and we're thirsty
skin is blistered from the sun
if we don't get somethin' to eat we'll die
so we'll drink the devil's blood

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