Lyrics ยป Run Kids

If we all view the world
through an empty glass
does it mean that we're doomed to fail
We're not that much different
than those who have died
buried deep in the trails
still i can't tell
is this heaven or hell?
my heaven is rest in her eyes
as we fly through the snow
with adventure in tow
and our freedom to comfort our hearts

These hills are still rolling
and our hopes are still high
please may we wonder
these roads till we die
and when we pass on
may we find that there's
roads in the sky
these hills are still rolling
our hopes are still high
please may we travel these roads
for the rest of our lives
and together we'll drive
through the night

The roads that we ride on aren't gold
I'm afraid
caught in a maelstrom of sickness and rage
but i wouldn't want it any other way
well hey just keep on movin' kid
if you never slow down
they won't know what you did
so pick up a guitar
and let head somewhere
far far away
the initial reaction
was one of attraction
anxiety lessened on stage
the initial reaction
the complete satisfaction
the road was at war with his rage

sound the drum it's time to roll
where we're goin'
may we never know
let's just go far away
and when the sun goes down
we'll all be gone
in every direction away we will run
I'm missin' the highway
so give me you hand
and I'll take you away from this place


Run kids Run
Run kids Run away
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