Lyrics ยป I'm Broke

All you see is this bitch
who never has the time
I'm just just trying to keep us going
I'm just trying to stay alive
when my landlord calls me saying
this is the last straw
i go to my fucking job
and work my fingers raw
just give me a fucking break

I don't like to be this way
but i feel i have no choice
to live a life of freedom
while labeled as a joke

I'm broke
I'm broke
I'm broke

Tryin' to the good
it gets hard sometimes
getting kicked out of school
and barely making it by
i have to stay strong
i have to prove em wrong
tryin' to seem like i have it together
when I'm broken all inside

i don't want to be a victim
of life's hard demands
being left with consequences
i never chose to begin with
but i just have to be true
to who i am inside
being broke but glued together
by my own determination

forget what you hear
about this fucked up world
they'll always bring you down
just keep your head up strong
and tell those mother fuckers
i am broke but i am strong
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