Lyrics » World War 3

Sit down n eat your supper and gaze at the evening news
Another riot started up today across the globe from
But until the tear gas shatters through a window of your home
You’ll just sit back relax and say it’s not your problem
Another innocent killed by a cop today
But hey i guess thats just the way things go

Another school another gun
Another hundred dead another horrid tragedy
That could've been prevented
An open talk a gun safe lock
A million solutions but no one took the time
Cause surely it’ll never happen to them
Another bullied kid took a gun to school today
But hey i guess that’s just the way things go

The next world war is just around the corner
Blinded by the glitz and glam disease
Sirens wail the anthem of a generation frozen in apathy
You can’t just change the channel with the war at your doorstep
Whit: you can’t deny there’s bliss in ignorance
But you can’t ignore a fuckin’ bullet lodged inside your chest

Whitney: You can’t deny there’s bliss in ignorance
But you can’t ignore a fucking bullet
Lodged inside your chest

Je-C: if we don’t do somethin’ soon we’re fucked
We’ll be bringin’ up our kids in a warzone ‘cause we’re livin’ in a timebomb
Tick tick tickin’ away and it’s so much easier to stay inside
And stay docile and just deny that all the while
We could’ve been the fix but fed the problem and now maybe it’s too late
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