Lyrics ยป Disney Song

I feel that america's youth
has poorly representin' me
cause i ain't no jonas brother
I'm a side of america's youth
people don't see
on their tv
unless their watchin' intervention

and when i grow up i wanna
eat out of garbage cans
and hop a train or two
and i got more on my mind
than sex and fancy cars and clothes
if that makes any sense to you
does that make any sense to you

this is not the disney chanel
this is me and my six strings
sayin' and doin' what we want
never sayin' thank you
never askin' please
feel like sayin' fuck I'll say it
i wear my feelings on my sleeve
and it appears that you've been blinded
by starin' at your tv screen

cause I've done shots with ms.montana
snorted lines with mickey mouse
i still can't find the vein
from the days i partied at the disney house
disney magic kingdom is a meth lab
the magic kingdom is a meth lab
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