Lyrics ยป Damaged Goods

Every second
Every minute
Every Hour
Every day
Burden our minds with trivial bullshit
Same face a different name
Recycled conversation
Satre at the same four walls
Until the paint chips away
I'm a blind man searching for a color
In a world that's so long been gray
I'm a deaf man chasing the echos
Of a song that's already been played

If I could talk to my younger self now
I'd say don't take nothin' for granted kid
You haven't seen just how bad things can get
And you never know what you got till it's gone
You never know till it's gone

Well I could spew some cinematic apology
But it wouldn't do no good
The damage is done
Now all we do is run
And pretend our choices
Haven't killed the best in us
We'll fly our white flag
And boast that everything we had
Never meant anything at all
But when I'm not passed out
When I'm really sleeping
I'm only dreaming of you
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