Lyrics ยป Little Blue Pills Pt. 4

I wish that i could stay with you
Im dyin havin dreams of you
You were a diamond in the rough
Right when the times were gettin tough
I swear to fuckin god ya saved my life
I was about to give a bj to a double barrel bloody up a knife
But now at least i have one memory
That doesnt make me suicidal
Needles dont seem quite as present
Alcohol aint such a bother
Cause now the only high i chase Ill only catch by gettin back to you

Bounced around from town to town
Always settled to rebound
Never found the time to realize what made me happy
Suddenly Im pushing 80
Heartstrings bent my heart is racing
Just to crash into that abandoned dead end quarry
But at least I felt something to call me lucky
A light that shined so bright just to blind me
Forever will I sing that I love you

Love is just a breeze
In the middle of a hurricane
Restitch the timeline and I swear that wed both go insane
Engaged to death got nothin left
But everything will be alright

And Ive been told before I fall in love too easy
But lifes too short to beat around the bush believe me
How can ya blame me for knowin what i want
Its been forever since i let myself be vulnerable
And its terrifying cause the years of hatred took their toll
Is it really fuckin possible for once i have a chance to just be happy

I heard that broken record sing
Between the lines of you and me
Trapped beneath the discourse
Of lifes untold tragedies
I gambled hands against my life
Came up short too many times
Awoke to find the ghost of who I was before
Love and Hate, Sadness and Rage
Ive learned to find my own sunshine
Through these cloudy fucked up times
The gears are moving forward
To a future calm with less disorder
In this lonesome heart of mine

(Jesse) When Im eating pills on a piss stained mattress
Floating on an ocean of empty bottles of booze
In a trashed out room hungover as fuck
And Ive lost count of the days
When Im at my lowest youre always there to pick me up
Youre the wind at my sails when i wanna give up
Youve given me a peace of mind
That once upon a time
I never thought Id find until in silent acquiescence
I did rest my eyes to die but now were together and so alive

(Whitney) Eating pills on a pissed stained mattress
Radio transmitter has turned to static
Im lying awake to a past I cant replace
And Ive lost count of the days
Staggered through
A rough few months to a rough few years
A lonesome heart gets buried to grow something brand new

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