Lyrics » Same Shit

I’m so fucking sick and tired

Of the same old situation

And the same old goddamn problems

Can’t escape from the cage
I built myself inside my brain

I locked myself in the cell and threw the key away
Obsessive compulsive, addicted, impulsive
And fucked in the head

And I’ll never change


Same shit on a different day

You work work work 

Till you waste away

What’s the point

What’s the reason for breathing

When nothing’s exciting 

And nobody’s dreamin’

Just keep runnin’ in place
Keep a steady pace

In the rat race time keeps ticking down

Add another tally to the cell wall

Work until they dress ya up
And drop you six feet down

And you let you’re eyes glaze over

Stomp out your fire and phone it in leave your black clothes hung up in the closet
Cause how can mourn
A life never lived


Imagine one day you wake up
And realize that all of the shit that you got
s just arbitrary and monetary 

Cause somewhere along the way you forgot

Forgot how to play

Forgot how to dream

Never saw all the places you wanted to see

But don’t worry my friend

I promise that there’s still time

Burn all the couches

Tear down the schools

Fuck all the bosses

Defy all the rules

It’s there for the taking

Remember that it’s your life

New chance every single day

To chew off the collar and pave the way

Go out and set the world on fire

If your hearts still beating in your chest 

Why wait? (x2)
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