Lyrics ยป Waking World

Well lately Ive been feeling
Like my eyelids weigh too much
Sunlight is my enemy
And this bedpost is my crutch
And as I lay in apathy
Accepting mediocrity
My body loses meaning
And my mind is out of touch

Well if everything is money
And everything is greed
And everyones a liar
All I want to do is sleep
The waking world depresses me
I know Ill never truly be free
Well if no ones really livin
And no ones havin fun
And freedom is a fear
Were just burnin out the sun
Change seems like a waste of time to me
So go

Well they stole away autonomy
My empathy our sanctity
In double time well march up to that house
Take back our liberty
Weve been oppressed
For far too long
By fascist with their Marshall law
Your songs of peace do nothing
And your indolence will fuck us all


Were done with being peaceful
We say fuck your protocol
Were seein red
We want our blood shed
This autocracy will fall
Theyre felonious foundation
Soon the fallen will arise
Well rebuild this fucked up nation
Bring their reign to its demise


So just sleep Ill just sleep
Just sleep
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