Lyrics ยป Never Loud Enough

Were always thinkin
But never what were sayin
They wont know what were plannin
If were rippin out the pages
So play a couple instruments
As loud as we can play em
We yell what we believe in
We dont just say things to just say them
Feel the kick drum
Aint nothin seem so bad
This music and this culture and this life
Thats all we have
Left to our names
Dont play no games this ain't recess
This shits like food and water
We dont just want it
We need it
This music is the fuel
that powers everything we do
Without it wed be nothing
Wed be boring just like you
So go on grab a microphone
And turn it up to ten cuz to me there's nothin' better than
Playing music with my friends

Turn the music up (x2)
We want it louder
We can never have it loud enough
Turn the music up (x2)
We want it so loud We can hear ourselves over anyone
Turn the music up (x8)

Whit wizzle up in the hizzle
So empty out your pockets
And your wally wally wizzles
This is a stick up
Quicker than a hiccup
Ill outta here and to the bank
Before you can even get up
Hey bitch!
Listen up quick
If you dont like my music
Ill introduce you to my fists
Hey sucka this music is my life
Talk shit and Ill schedule you
A meeting with my knife
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