Lyrics ยป Coin The Phrase 2009

Coin the phrase US interest
civilian corpses all litter the ditches
rotting bodies stacked a mile high
behind electric fences
everything is money
everything is greed
I'd really want to help you
gotta tell me what you need
I'm just a human
a pawn in a twisted game

towers falling in the east
innocent killed by police
Government hypocrisy corrodes away all decency
in a nation under a so called god
who's falling on his knees
pointless money wars
caused by corporate whores
watch you through their hidden cameras
stealing from their stores
so they lock you up in jail
with a million dollar bail
lighter skin and money wins
in a nation going straight to hell

Towers fall and burn
to rot away and kill the earth
the flag spells death for me
and death for all humanity
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