Lyrics » Circle Em

Why would you think you’re something special
When your not
You’re just molecules flesh and bone
Someday you’re gonna rot
One day we all waste away
Equality hides in decay
You’re just another sack of matter
Taking up a spot

For every living thing a grave
The strong the weak
The scared the brave
The rich the poor
The black the white
All sleep for the eternal night
You can’t take your money with you
When you die

We’re all so goddamn self important
We’re all so full of shit
We fill our lives with lies and drugs
And pain and stress until we're sick
Won’t matter when you’re dead
You'll turn to dust with the rest of us
We all share one final bed


We’re going nowhere
With this track in a thousand pieces
Let’s set the ties hammer the nails
And when the tracks intact
Maybe we can get passed
Our petty differences
And band together to see
Who the real enemy is
Remember everybody ends up in the morgue

So I bet if I were to put a gun to you
You’d be bloody just like me
You sit upon your high horse
Hide behind your circle E
We’re all hypocrites and sycophants
All one leach in the same
You know that you’re not perfect
Who are you to pass the blame

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