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"Devil's Hour" Lyric

Now I’m weighing out my options
But the devil’s hours growing near
Restless legs keep shakin’
I don’t know how long I can stay here
Cause every city and in between
All feels the same to me
I swear this life
Will be the death of me

No matter what I do or say
Selfless selfish it’s all the same
Blood, sweat, and tears
Countless years
Branded, hands tied, disrespected
Let’s see how far
This dead horse can fall

Cause you’re too crazy to love
That’s what you always said to me
As you pressed your body close to mine
You tried to break all the good still left in me
I’ll crawl farther than you’ve walked
Now watch me pick it up

Rage against the tattered planks
Sifting through the cesspool
Of forgotten memories
And trudge through the fallen pillars
Of a city built to crumble
As we waste away
Prioritize and memorize
A script to fit the string of lies
Just forgotten numbers
On a windmill of corpses

Well I’ve stumbled from your shadow
No longer property
To your hateful schemes
Translucent bones have turned to steel
To pity the weak fool